I am most happy when I am creating. And you ... you have a dream and a vision. Your most likely here because you are ready to run with it. Lets meet, or chat over email ... maybe we are a good match! I am well versed in editorial design, advertising campaigns and building up a killer brand identity. If your starting a new business, looking for a little brand refresh, or maybe you are just looking for some help on a one time special project - I would love to hear about it!

I am a graphic designer by day and a mamma bear by night. This just simply means I drink a lot of coffee and red bull. While I except a wide range of projects, I have a strong passion of brand development for aspiring businesses. I am drawn to simplicity both in my personal life and in my design. But ultimately, regardless of my personal style, I am here to take your vision and bring it to life, be it clean and simple or messy and wild.

jehn design is a one-woman-show boutique
design studio based in tucson az. 

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